Ill Productionz is a hiphop duo formed by mc Ill Pro (1980) and Dj Optimus (1979).

The two artists share the same affection for pure music and make hiphop without any compromises made to please the average listener.

Ill Productionz has an energetic old school type of sound, based on the possibilities you have when using just a sampler and a turntable.

The turntable has always played a very big part in the process of Ill Pro and Optimus

making music.

The authentic sound that makes them different from other musicians is the result of a fresh vision on hiphop that sets them able to manipulate samples, making them sound new and original again.

To that you can add Ill Pro’s unique flows and clear language that even cause hiphop-sceptics to love it.


Ill Pro has been rhyming for more than just a few years. Inspired by BDP, EPMD, NWA and others he started writing lyrics himself in1992. A few years later he met Rhymeo ill, who taught him a lot about hip hop and delivered beats for what came to be his first solo tracks.

When music grew from being a hobby to something far more serious, he started making beats and eventually founded Ill Productionz together with Jordy Sohier.

In 1995 he took part in a national hiphop contest and ended with the first seven contestants.

Reaching the finals alone showed him his musical abilities and was the beginning of a more disciplined way of working.

In 1998 Ill Pro and Optimus met and from that moment they stuck together as a tight team in spite of the formation changing, probably because of their similar visions on making music.

Dj Optimus discovered hip hop at young age and was immediately fascinated with

the share that dj’s had in the hip hop-songs he heard. Some of his great examples were (and still are) Dj Knowhow, Dj Grazzhoppa, Dj Jazzy Jeff, Dj Premier, Dj Scratch and Dj Cashmoney.

After hearing a great amount of hiphop songs that were completed with dj’s scratching he decided to get behind the turntables and do a little thing of his own.

At the age of sixteen mastering the techniques of scratching became a primary need to him, that’s when he developed his great passion for making music.

Ill Productionz has played at different venues like 013(Tilburg, opening for Public Enemy) Mezz (Breda), Bevrijdings festival (Vlissingen), De Haan (Belgium), Southpark (Middelburg), Baskensburg (Vlissingen) and many others.


Ill Pro and Optimus are both working on different projects besides Ill Productionz.

Ill Pro also raps in Dutch, together with Cc (VSOP) he’s working on an album by the name of Line104. At this moment he’s recording his solo album in Dutch named Momentum.

Dj Optimus is part of the Dj Bigband: an international project with twelve dj’s, saxophone player Fabrizio Cassol (Aka moon) and female singer Monique Harcum.

All of the Dj´s have a hiphop background and make their own compositions in different genres.

The Dj Bigband has performed in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy and in Holland at festivals like Lowlands, Roskilde, Electric Picnic and with Aka Moon at Jazz Middelheim, Nazomerfestival Zeeland, Banlieu Bleu and others.

He also has played with the Bigband in De Munt (Brussels), De Roma (Antwerp), De Vooruit (Gent), Nona (Mechelen) Musis Sacrem (Arnhem).

Optimus and Dj Vindictiv also form a DJ duo; Gruesome Twosome. The highly popular team performs live sets with scratches and samples.

Together with DJ Juggernaut Mace they are Digheads. Digheads and Erwin Vann from Brussels together are Fremdkunst, a group that performs songs from the instrumental album Fremdkunst, produced by DJ Mace.


In 2002 Ill Productionz releases a home-recorded demo named The Beatsownsyndrome.

After that they take the chance to show their skills live doing many shows.

In 2003 they represent their providence at a national music contest. The same year the Beatdownsyndrome wins a local award for best album cover.

In May 2007 they release their first 12” single named Lifelong Unconditional Love, coming out on 529 Records and is to be seen as a tribute to hiphop the way they think it was meant.


2005: Ill Pro rhymes on Doom, a song on the Gruesome Twosome mixed cd.

2006: Ill Pro features on track The League of extraordinary mc’s on Excellent’s album Excalibur.


2002: Gruesome twosome does scratches for two tracks on Dj Mace’s album Zarathustra.

2003: Gruesome twosome does scratches on track Soulfood from the belly on DJ Mace mixtape ShermanSoundSystem.

2004: Gruesome Twosome scratches on Classic, a song from VSOP’s album Huiswerk , released on Top Notch.

2004: Gruesome Twosome mixed CD Realtablist Volume 2.
2004: Gruesome Twosome does scratches for Kas’ album Spiegelreflex, on song Doemeding.

2006: Digheads mixed cd Diggers with attitude.

2006: Flowlife Bums EP Dinner @table 9 6 DJ’s+1

2007: Ill Productionz LonglifeUnconditionalLove 12”

2007: Gruesome Twosome scratches on two tracks on beat project Fremdkust by DJ Mace